I Surrender All


Millions suffer daily fighting all diseases. Some are “invisible” like mine is with Lupus, because if you saw me you’d have no idea the war being battled inside my body as I’ve heard endless times “But you don’t LOOK sick!”..no, I don’t, unless you see me on a day where my joints are so stiff I’m walking like Frankenstein, swollen joints all hidden by clothing with the exception of my hands. You can’t tell that my shower drain is clogged with clumps of hair every time I wash it. You can’t see the adhesions that are throughout my entire abdomen on the inside, wrapping themselves around & attaching to my bowel, liver, kidneys. You can’t see the scarring throughout my liver and left kidney or the level of inflammation throughout my system, but it’s all there.

Those closest to me that have walked this journey with me, supported me, can hear immediately in my one word Hello upon answering the phone that I’m not having a “good” day. The most frustrating part of these invisible diseases is the not knowing how you’re going to feel from one day to the next, even one hour to the next. You have to learn, plan every detail based on your level of strength for that day especially during a flare. It is challenging to say the least, but my Faith & my personality don’t allow me to stay down for long, which is a Blessing I receive constantly throughout every day.
How do you get to this mindset? The image above sums it up perfectly…

SURRENDER. I surrender All, arms outstretched, wide open, heart, mind, body & soul in complete alignment as one. Surrendering does not mean giving up or losing hope. It means you make the conscious choice to let everything go: the mistakes, the failures, the bad memories, the sadness, the heartache..anything that is negative so you can open yourself to all that is good, remember the beautiful & keep it close to your heart like your favorite blanket on your bed tucked up underneath your chin on a cold winters’ night or the scent of cologne on your pillow giving you dreams of memories that are indelibly marked on your heart forever.

I learned how to do this long ago but since I’m a mere human I slip back into old mindsets, trying to control what is happening in my life, my body. It doesn’t work, ever. Thankfully, I learn from my mistakes easily, ask forgiveness when I’m wrong & forgive in kind. I have the ability to release the negative and focus on the positive, which makes a huge impact on my daily life. It takes practice to achieve this mindset of peace but once you feel that peace that warms your very soul you’ll decide immediately to maintain that peace because it gives you strength, security and love. I get that level of peace only through my faith & prayers.

Yes, I have an illness that’s made me a complicated patient to treat but this is a complicated disease. I know from experience when I need a spiritual tune-up because my body tells me so. I may not listen all the time right away but I do listen, and I feel the physical shifting of energy that is occurring at a strong level right now, pushing me toward the lightness I keep in my soul. The Light of Love, my core being, my Divine purpose for living. The words “I am Love” keep popping into my head lately even while sleeping. That is my message to look within, reflect on recent words, actions or inactions and give myself an attitude adjustment. That act in itself alone is very freeing, healing.

2012 is coming to a close, a year overflowing with tremendous change, challenge, grief, growth and renewal. The Christmas break from school has given me the gift of precious time alone with my son for an unprecedented 10 consecutive days facing our first Christmas as a separated family, which was more painful than I’d thought it would be, nothing at all to do with Lupus, everything to do with continuing our new life together.

The painful moments brought us closer together, gave each new respect for each other, deepened our profound love for each other. We laughed louder, stayed up until the middle of the night just talking & being together. So many precious moments that make me want to freeze the clock to continue sharing this time.

Tomorrow will arrive, bringing our time together to an end as it’s his time to be with his Dad. My birthday is New Years’ Eve, the first as a single woman and the first birthday I’ll be without my family. I’ll be on my own, alone, but not lonely. It will feel strange I’m sure, but it’s my Birthday. What a year it’s been and I look forward to the year ahead with much hope, love, confidence and vision. I will indeed be celebrating myself on New Years’ Eve!

I envision many great things for my life; if you don’t think BIG, shoot for the stars with all you have, you will be continuously disappointed. I believe in second chances & give them; why not do the same for myself?  Our thoughts affect every aspect of our lives and I choose to not only believe but SEE myself healthy, healed and continuing to learn, grow, love. It will all happen because I Believe and See that it will.

Everything in life is based on love & circles back to love with every step forward, every stumble aside. Love is who I am, just one of my gifts but definitely the most influential as I am dedicated to helping others in whatever capacity I am led to do so. It’s time to surrender..

I Surrender to All.


6 thoughts on “I Surrender All

  1. wow are you ever hitting home today. My bf also has an ‘invisible disability’ , chalked up as asthma, but runs much deeper..none of the traditional cures work. and he rarely ‘looks’ sick. That is a challenge, and one I can relate to with you. Also, hugs to you and i’m glad you had some quality time with your son. Life is way too short and those moments are precious. Happy late birthday! Surrender is a good thing to remember, i come back to it often. huggss

    • So sorry for not responding sooner but my hands are not in a good mood! I sure hope your bf is on the mend by now, asthma is so difficult to manage..& scary. I’m keeping you all in my prayers sweetie!!

    • Oh how I love you Yvonne! Sure could use a big hug right now, but I too am very glad I was born..a tough day today that ends quite the year! I’m grateful to be here to celebrate another birthday, so grateful! Happy New Year!!

  2. Surrendering all is what brings us hope. I can still remember being worried and in the dark during my months of trying to get diagnosed. The day they finally gave me my Lupus diagnosis I felt like God had prepared me for that moment and reminded me that I am forever in His hands. Thank you for your words! This is such a great post! I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

    • Deanna, thank you so much for reading my blog, all I care about is helping anyone that needs it but especially my Lupus Warriors. I was diagnosed with RA in my early 20s, but was fully functioning. My Mom has severe MS, my biggest fear was getting that when I’d never heard of Lupus. It took almost 3 years to finally get confirmed with SLE due to my ANA turning positive/negative at whim, which stopped every rheumy I saw..over 10..from giving me Plaquenil to prevent the organ damage & strokes from progressing. Going back to my teens, we can verify I most likely had Juvenile RA that went undiagnosed until my labs finally confirmed RA. Back then having more than 1 auto immune disease was unheard of, making my SLE dx harder. I too felt tremendous relief finally getting diagnosed, finally knowing I wasn’t depressed, a hypochondriac constantly hospitalized with serious kidney involvement I began the transplant process. My faith sustained me throughout, I never stopped believing I was meant to go through all this for a reason..to help others & ensure anyone I meet thats newly diagnosed never experiences what I did & my family helpless & traumatized. If you ever need an ally, consider me yours! I’m so thankful to meet you, & united in prayer, we shall indeed live long, full lives in Christ! Happy New Year!

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