Thank you to my co-bloggers that “liked” my prayer request..your action drove others to read my post & in a situation like this there can never be too many prayers.

I finally received an update last night that my friends’ Dad is actually home from the hospital & recovering well! Do you have any idea what a miracle that is? You do if you know anyone that’s suffered a stroke, especially the sudden fatal ones that rip a loved one away from you out of nowhere, perfectly fine one minute, physically gone forever mere minutes later. I’ve always believed in the power of prayer, and I thank you from my heart for yours..God hears every prayer, even the silent ones. He loves us all that much.

You saw in my prayer request that I’m a 3 time stroke survivor. I will address the many reasons behind these events in the future, as every moment of our lives are intertwined & cannot be explained in a few sentences.

I’ll never forget my first mini-stroke, called a TIA, tranischemic attack. It was a very hot summer day, and I was home alone as full-time Mom with Noah, nearing his 1st birthday.

I went outside to fill up the small plastic pool that’s just perfect for us both to play & splash in, cool off together. I had the back door open to always keep Noah in my sight even though he was happily busy cooing & laughing in his Exersaucer, perfectly safe and content. Moms receive the fierce instinct to protect their children the moment the pregnancy test shows you’re pregnant. It never leaves, it only grows deeper as time passes & never goes away.

I was filling the small pool when the first wave of dizziness & nausea hit. I ignored it, assumed it was the heat. It didn’t take long to fill the pool, but as those few minutes passed, one eye remaining on Noah, I felt a numbness strike the entire right side of my body, from my right eye all the way down my right arm, leg & foot. The vision in my right eye was blurry & I knew immediately something was very wrong.

The 5 steps from the pool on the patio to the opened door seemed to get farther away as I stumbled towards that door. I was no longer able to think clearly, my brain a complete fog, my heart pounding in my chest, feeling like I couldn’t get air in my lungs. I didn’t have the ability to feel fear or any emotion, because all that mattered to me in these minutes was somehow lifting Noah out of the Exersaucer, unable to use my right arm at all, get him to his crib for safety on the complete opposite end of the house, and having the phone with me to call for help.
I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew it was serious & I had to protect my baby.

I don’t remember how I managed to carry Noah to his crib, baby monitors placed all over the house strategically to hear every peep. I can say with certainty the guardian angels God sent helped me get him there, because my right leg wasn’t moving, I was dragging it behind me, big heavy happy baby & phone clutched as close to my chest using my left arm as tightly as possible, afraid I was going to drop Noah. I didn’t & got him to his crib, such a relief!

I called 911 as soon as I knew my son was safe. The police arrived in moments, and by then I was unable to talk. I was trapped in my body, unable to communicate, completely helpless & finally filled with fear that filled every fiber of my being. Who was going to take care of Noah? My husband was travelling, a salesman driving many miles weekly & was not close by that day. I survived a life-threatening pregnancy with Noah, would God really be so cruel to take me away from my son now, after everything we went through to be granted the miracle of his birth, big & healthy against all odds? Right before his birthday? No. I refused to believe that.

The police kept asking questions but my mouth wouldn’t work. I could hear them, I could see the words I wanted to say but they were stuck, jumbled. I could hear the sirens of the ambulance coming near & that’s when Noah began crying & screaming “Mommommommom here”, over & over. One of the policeman was a grandfather, & assured me he’d stay, take care of Noah until a family member arrived. My last full memory was the flooding of relief that Noah was safe. I woke up in the cardiac trauma unit in the ER later.

I underwent a battery of testing, an MRI didn’t show an active bleed anywhere in my brain or a blood clot/aneurysm, all excellent news. My ability to speak had returned, mind clear, numbness on right side of body gone but I felt confused, disoriented. I had not received any drugs to sedate me, only ones to bring down my blood pressure.

I am prone to forming blood clots due to a rare disorder I’ve had since a child. It

was determined a small clot had passed through my brain, was gone but the confusion would take time to go away, and the deep exhaustion would also resolve on it’s own. This is the body healing from the trauma; it took about 6 weeks for the fatigue, the disorientation, the forgetfulness to dissipate completely.
The fact that I’d had a mini-stroke in my early 30s scared me to my soul..I didn’t know a stroke has no age requirements.

That’s one of many reasons this prayer request was so important to me. I knew exactly what my friends’ Dad was going through, knew that if it was a major stroke that the emergency Drs had only one hour to use TPA, the front line clot busting drug that also carries high risks of side effects. The “golden hour” timer begins ticking from the moment stroke symptoms BEGIN, not what time it is when the patient arrives at the hospital!!

Educate yourself on the signs of a stroke by visiting The American Heart Association online & always keep a bottle of full strength aspirin both at home and a handful on your person at all times. Chew 2 immediately at first sign of a stroke. I’m not a Dr but had I not done this myself when I recognized my future strokes, I might not be telling this story right now!

God bless you for your prayers, let’s keep the momentum going for this family as they deal with the aftermath packed with every emotion, the fear, the relief, the stress but most important…the deepening of their love for each other, the thankfulness for another chance, the gratitude & knowledge that God really was with them and will always be there for us all.




  1. My dad had undiagnosed and untreated multiple ministrokes that caused damage in diffuse areas of his brain. As he aged, these areas died and caused dementia. At 82 he has advanced dementia and doesn’t have a clue about reality. The sad part is that each time he had the symptoms of stroke, he would not seek the treatment he needed although urgedto by my mother. Your story is a textbook example of what TO do in a stroke situation, my dad is the example of what NOT to do. LA

    • Dear LA, I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. My own has been diabetic with advanced heart disease for decades, but didn’t take his meds, didn’t keep Dr appointments, didn’t monitor his blood sugar & continued to eat & drink whatever he wanted: even after I literally saved his life by recognizing in his voice on the phone a few years ago that he was having a heart attack. He had 30 minutes left to live per the surgeon. We all thought that scare would make him take care of himself but it didn’t. He’s been hit w constant serious heart & multiple health issues since. This generation of men, our Dads, were taught to NOT go to the Dr, “it’s nothing, I’m fine”. It’s indescribable watching your parent suffer, & dementia/Alzheimer’s is the absolute worst. It’s a slow, agonizing decline, my heart goes out to you & I’ll pray.
      Thank you for your comment, as a newbie I have yet to discuss the path to Lupus but eventually will. I hope today is a Good day free of pain for you, God bless ❤

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