Keep an Attitude of Gratitude!


For all of us dealing with now downgraded Hurricane Sandy up & down the Eastern seaboard, remember this: things can be replaced, but people can’t. It’s awful to lose your car, home, belongings of priceless sentimental value, like pictures of loved ones. It’s overwhelming waiting days to get power restored, pump the water out of your flooded basement, waiting for insurance adjusters to cut you a check. You can be cold, hungry & temporarily staying in a shelter, relatives’ home or friends’ place. It’s stressful, sad, scary, uncertain as we are creatures of habit & familiarity. This time will pass, life will return to whatever your “normal” is..but the loss of a loved one can never be replaced. Look around you, be grateful that everyone you love is safe & unharmed. If you’re loved ones are in different locations, now is the perfect time to call them & say, I love you, have been thinking of you, I’m glad you’re safe. Decide to have an Attitude of Gratitude no matter what your circumstances are today. Love knows no distance. Peace, ~Jennifer~


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