Hello world!

Welcome to mine! I have so much to say, so much to share, it is long past due that I realize my dream of becoming a writer…my true passion. I was always writing, keeping diaries as a young girl, and continued keeping diaries or journals through junior high, high school and college. The entries became more scarce as I entered the bewildering yet exciting world called “life” and “adult” and “professional”, “accountant”…oh, the many labels we put on ourselves, and allow the world to put on ourselves as well! Why do we allow that to happen? It happens automatically as we grow older, as young children entering school learn how to socialize, interact with others outside of the safety net of their home. How we view ourselves is how we enable others to label us. I knew since I was a young child that I was different, a keen intuition, filled with hopes and dreams and I did not want to be part of any particular “crowd” or click in high school and college. I stood out physically but never was able to truly, fully connect with the gifts I had waiting inside of me..my Divine purpose for being put on this place we call Earth.

I have come full circle, have experienced monumental change, adversity and growth especially within the past 14 months. I know why I am here on Earth, what I am supposed to be doing, what my purpose is…do you know yours? The earlier in Life you can grab this, hold onto it & make it your own, the more fulfilling your life will be in every possible facet. Walk with me, learn from me, open your heart to what I have to say..if any of my words here touch just one person, help just one person, then I am accomplishing & living my destiny:  loving & helping others..all people, animals, causes, beliefs, sunrises & sunsets, the ocean, the mountains, the dew on the grass in early morning. You can change your life by changing your outlook & your attitude. You can not only survive, but THRIVE through sickness, financial distress, family problems, divorce..anything that is considered adversity.

I look forward to opening my heart to yours, to sharing the wisdom I’ve acquired and to never, ever stop learning something new each and every day. Take the ordinary & make it extraordinary. Live your life to it’s fullest..it is indeed true we are only given one life to live. Let’s make the most of, together.

Love & Light, Jennifer



6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Jen, you are on your way to your purpose God had for you even before you were knit in your mother’s womb! Living for Him and His purposes is the joy of life. I so look forward to your writings. You have much to share and a unique way of doing so. Much love and prayers, Yvonne

    • Yvonne, YES, I finally am, with much credit & love to you being placed in my life through EJ & God, to guide me through the deepest pain with such unconditional love..I can only repay you by paying it forward, confident yet humbled by the amazing power of Love.

  2. You are a great writer. Looking forward to reading more. I also love and live for helping people, animals, sunrise, sunsets, beaches etc. Good luck with you blog. Always praying that you are having a good day

    • Cathy, thank you! No wonder we have so much in common! Bless your heart for always thinking of me, I keep you & all my FB family in my prayers. Every day is a good day, even if you don’t feel good! Love Jen

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